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Academic training in Utrecht University: a master-degree in clinical psychology in 1978 and a doctorate in Social Sciences in 1983. Between 1980-1983 specialization in clinical psychology in the academic-medical center for psychiatry of the University of Amsterdam.
In 1984 follows the certification as a senior clinical psychologist by the Dutch association for clinical psychology and as a psychotherapist by the European association for psychotherapy.
Since 1985 have been working independently in a psychotherapy clinic - first in Holland, later in Israel. Until 2000, in parallel to psychotherapy, have been an organizational consultant and a director of post-academic programs for senior executives in the Faculty of Business Management, Rotterdam University. During that period have had an extensive experience with multinationals such as:Schlumberger, Lucent, Philips, AT&T, IBM, ABN-Amro bank.
Why using my services ?

-Over 25 years of experience
-Online counseling suits especially those, who during their stay abroad,
prefer an international counselor, who still understands their specific background
and speaks their native languages: Nederlands, Ivrit or English.

-The approach is pragmatical and business-wise, yet aiming to go beyond
cosmetic short-term improvements.